Psychiatry in Holland, an institution gone wrong.

When confronting a psychiatrist with the objection that money is a motivation in keeping patients, it was denied vehemently that this was the case. 'I don't need the money! Do you think that money is a motivation?'.

When confronting Ben (a sort of lower rank employee, my 'case manager', by force of a gun to the head, a warrant of the judge) with stereotyping in psychiatry, to my surprised, he denied any complicity, he even argued that his institution is doing everything it can to combat stereotypes.

Psychiatry in Holland (and in other Western nations, because it is clear from evidence that the same people are behind the institution in the US, Canada, Australia, France) is the prime instigator of stereotyping, and the completely irrational and unjustified shame and guilt purported on the patients (victims). Not only do you get falsely typified, you also seem to deserve blame.

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