Girende sukkels.

Hey Katebait, here are sum ideas, u ready? So I never been to Schotland and it's probably nice, but France man, you'd really love that country. France is outragesly good, if you know your stuff, which you don't of course, and me neither. I went there as a child, they got castles, churches, churches with monestaries, rivers with stone bridges, and just a high quality of life. The thing is, the language is incredibly hard. France is a roman language, Enlish is germanic. So is Dutch, which is the language they speak across the north sea, which is in between great brittain and Holland, where they speak Dutch. If you go further East you're in Germany, which is germanic. Now how to cross the gap? I'm thinking Romania. It just makes sense. You only have to cross Poland, which has a language a know nothing about, but you get the drift. And Romanian people all dream of? Spain. So you get a boat. You learn to sail in no time, because you're just that brilliant. And then you sail straight east, along the nordic sea I supposed it is called. Not the meditarenan sea, that would be awful because it's way more crowded (going by instinct). Then you're left with scandanavia to the north (Sweden, Finland, Norway and, to the south Denmark) and Iceland. And those also have a unique language system, that I suppose you would learn by going from Holland to Denmark, to Sweden to Iceland. Iceland would be a hard one. But with those countries, there is a tremendous gain from crossing the languages. Iceland is just a mars landscape, it's not like la France. How to get a boat? Youtube?

Danish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obmyWqyruIs Sexy.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3utG9E-LOm4 Romanian. Wonderful. From there I think they went to germany and greece. Poland is more Russian, Chechie more Turkish. So if you go by boat, sail up the river in Germany, toward Romania.

Hungaria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIkoPpvw22g&list=PL29659BB87C20D4DC You would cross that for sure.

Tilburg in risk of being flooded, by Rein, yay!