Girende sukkels.

Hey Katebait, here are sum ideas, u ready? So I never been to Schotland and it's probably nice, but France man, you'd really love that country. France is outragesly good, if you know your stuff, which you don't of course, and me neither. I went there as a child, they got castles, churches, churches with monestaries, rivers with stone bridges, and just a high quality of life. The thing is, the language is incredibly hard. France is a roman language, Enlish is germanic. So is Dutch, which is the language they speak across the north sea, which is in between great brittain and Holland, where they speak Dutch. If you go further East you're in Germany, which is germanic. Now how to cross the gap? I'm thinking Romania. It just makes sense. You only have to cross Poland, which has a language a know nothing about, but you get the drift. And Romanian people all dream of? Spain. So you get a boat. You learn to sail in no time, because you're just that brilliant. And then you sail straight east, along the nordic sea I supposed it is called. Not the meditarenan sea, that would be awful because it's way more crowded (going by instinct). Then you're left with scandanavia to the north (Sweden, Finland, Norway and, to the south Denmark) and Iceland. And those also have a unique language system, that I suppose you would learn by going from Holland to Denmark, to Sweden to Iceland. Iceland would be a hard one. But with those countries, there is a tremendous gain from crossing the languages. Iceland is just a mars landscape, it's not like la France. How to get a boat? Youtube?

Danish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obmyWqyruIs Sexy.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3utG9E-LOm4 Romanian. Wonderful. From there I think they went to germany and greece. Poland is more Russian, Chechie more Turkish. So if you go by boat, sail up the river in Germany, toward Romania.

Hungaria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIkoPpvw22g&list=PL29659BB87C20D4DC You would cross that for sure.

Tilburg in risk of being flooded, by Rein, yay!


https://flic.kr/p/r8go7a https://flic.kr/p/rrsJQi https://flic.kr/p/quzSkN https://flic.kr/p/rrzpLM
https://flic.kr/p/r8evkc https://flic.kr/p/quLueF

https://flic.kr/p/r9Y6s1 (opens new window)

I want nothing to do with your children.


Command & Conquer group

You should name The Command & Conquer group on Facebook Command & Conquer group. The next Command and Conquer group 2, and so fort.

It doesn't scare me at all /

The great homo-programmer blitzh.


Vocaroo Voice Message

Vocaroo Voice Message

Cinese resumed..



'hypnotized' 'porn'

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Imagine if wolves evolved to where they could put a key in a lock and turn it..


She'll end up being euthinized.


I know Nick Tapping from the MoneyFreeUk party.


He Wout, 

ik ben blij met je levensteken!
Ja, jij hebt hier ook in de winter gelogeerd/gewoond, dus je weet dat ik maar 1 kachel heb.
Ik zorg wel dat ik het comfortabel heb, hoor. Ik heb nu ook een elektrische deken, heerlijk.
Ik ben ook blij iets van je te horen, omdat ik bezig ben mijn spullen uit te delen, binnenkort heb ik ze waarschijnlijk niet meer nodig,
als de voorspelling van de doktoren klopt, en daar ga ik maar van uit, ik heb geen reden om ze te wantrouwen.
Ik wil graag dat mijn spullen terechtkomen bij mensen die ze waarderen en daarom dacht ik aan jou voor mijn spaanse gitaar,
waar je zo mooi op speelde terwijl je er ook bij zong, toen je hier was.
Als je die inderdaad wilt hebben (en meestal, tot nu toe, klopt mijn idee van welk eigendom naar welke vriend/in zou moeten)
kom ik hem graag een keer brengen na mijn vakantie. Misschien afgeven bij de deur, want trappenlopen valt me steeds zwaarder.
Of is er iets anders in mijn huis dat je wel zou willen hebben?
Ik ga volgende week nog een keer op vakantie met Fennie en een nicht, Wineke, wiens man net is overleden na een lang en goed huwelijk.
Ik hoop dat we mooi weer hebben en dat ik nog fit genoeg ben om te wandelen, maar in elk geval hebben we goed gezelschap.

Het lijkt wel of je dat vrolijke plaatje op je website bij zondag (Positive)er speciaal voor mij hebt opgezet. Als je het zo bekijkt heb ik een heel lang leven gehad, de dagen dat ik ongelukkig was zijn schaars. Ik vind sowieso dat ik een goed leven heb gehad en ik vind het niet erg dat er een einde aan komt.


Anneke Toppen

Hoi Wout, 

je hebt weer een website dus, en al best lang, ik heb wat gelezen en bekeken hier en daar,
er staan mooie dingen in, sommige schrijfsels en veel mooie foto’s en die tekeningen van David t wenzel (ergens in 2013)
vind ik prachtig. En dat stuk over het kasteel dat eens op de plek van jouw huis lag, vond ik ook boeiend.
Hoeveel mensen weten dat je een website hebt? Hannie en Riekele niet, denk ik, anders hadden ze het me wel eens verteld.
Als meer mensen het weten , krijg je ook meer reacties, dat zou ik (als ik zoveel tijd in een blog stopte) wel prettig vinden.
Je bent met heel veel verschillende dingen bezig, 
Je zou ook best een boek kunnen schrijven als je je energie op dat doel richtte. 

Ik heb net weer een boek herlezen dat ik steeds pak als ik tijd heb en er een bijzondere periode in mijn leven is, 
het is een beetje sprookjesachtig, maar ook heel wijs (vind ik) en ontroerend.
Het is van Ursula le Guin en heet "The wizard of Earthsea” . Er zijn ook drie vervolgdelen , samen The earthsea quartet, maar de eerst vind ik het mooist.

Ik ga later nog wel eens verder neuzen op je website, 


Anneke Toppen
He sat at the edge of the river looking at his float, holding his chin with his right hand, his left arm folded on his lap. In the corner of his weary, old eyes, with the blood red edges, he saw the flocks of birds go by. His mother had known where they were heading, and how their altitude would interrelate with the weather and the pressure of the air. It will be cold, she said then. Or, it is going to rain all night and all day tomorrow, I’ll bet my boots on it, and then she and her husband and his brother would be out all evening, preparing what remained of their house and the large old shed next to it for the rain. 

He was old, but still in his heart, something stirred that was destined to always remain young: the remembrance of that girl child he once loved so much. Which he had longed to kill so much. He had longed for her tongue so much, to play with him, in his boyish innocence. Ever from that day, there was nothing that had caught his taste so deeply and so firmly as the playfulness of a girl. 

And so he overthought his life, in grim, fleeting thought, as the clouds floated by like giant glooming ships, and always the radiant beauty of the child he had forever closed in his heart was looming and waiting to peep out, when two following thoughts had a little space between him. 

Soon he was going to enter his eternal sleep. 

His eyelids became heavy, the fish wouldn’t bite. 

Then slowly he entered his sleep. It had been waiting for him, ever since the day he was born. 

There he faded, the eyes became glassy, the sun came from behind the clouds and near his floater a few ripples appeared.

-Writingstorm 8 random

browser Command&Conquer

Play it on this geek article.


Tilburg old north invaded by loon and Drunen dunes?

I recommend Adblock for Youtube, though *free porn still doesn't like it.
Searching for position#6 didn't work.



Prove it
prove it
just prove it

Sergey Brin (one of the founders of Google)

HOT (when he was younger)

Male rape should be legal.

Censorship with no notification
no chance for an appeal
partial removal, altering the message.


I'm 1,76

Small player beating tall player (tall player played a guy that beat Nadal today)

Kristen Stewart. Fuckable (and educable). 1,65 m

Ellen Page. Don't get me started. 1,55 m

Mugsy Bogues 1,60


appreciation how much information bjork desire to be known



Fuck around, fuck around, fuck up fuck up and get


Ik had de nav bar uitgeschakeld.

He shit.


(updates: 2)

Talked with sister about dreams and chaotic shit happening. Even if she believed me, there would be nothing we could do.

She had a dream about a scary man. Yesterday.

Talked well otherwise. Shame my aunt is dying. Don't believe in cancer and told her that.

My grandfather on fathers side isn't dead.

The age of mockery. 

Stay meditative me!

Forgot how good Maurits is at 'gaming'.

They are playing a game against me.

I'm bad at meditating in a competitive situation.

The game is about unification on a higher level.

I've locked myself out of access from the font page for some reason.

See earlier post during chaos from outside of the house.

I have to stop going into 'war' mode. (as if fighting criminals. 'win' mode: which might upset Maurits' side).

See upper section of page, upper most part of the brown section.



Home sweet home.

One day.

It'll happen. We'll send the dogs back to hell.

Hard knock life for me.

My house they want to have, because of profit. My body they want to have, because of profit. This is capitalism.

Further nuisance talk.

Not long ago I made a recording of noises coming from the toilet (sounded like water rocking where the water is collected). As soon as I laid the recorder on the floor (it made a 'tic' noise) it stopped. I still have that recording.

I think maybe they are trying to bully me into getting out of here. Maybe they want the apartment. Maybe also they want to make me believe in something supernatural.

It could be that their strategy is to instigate a fight between neighbors. The usual thing to happen is that both parties involved get blamed (even though in this case one is clearly in the right). Then they can make the fight escalate until you withdraw and go live somewhere else.

They're maybe also trying to get the ground here, to build more expensive living or shopping buildings.

Nuisance alert.

Woken up to overwhelming stench of sperm from neighbors for second time. Not funny. Torture.

Male rape is harder to find, sadly. 


I like the face. Face is important.

Kind of works on my higher brain. Sometimes I get these brief flashes of otherworldly happiness.