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I want nothing to do with your children.


Command & Conquer group

You should name The Command & Conquer group on Facebook Command & Conquer group. The next Command and Conquer group 2, and so fort.

It doesn't scare me at all /

The great homo-programmer blitzh.


Vocaroo Voice Message

Vocaroo Voice Message

Cinese resumed..

'hypnotized' 'porn'

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Custom domains for your blog made easy

1 maand geleden by Blogger
You invest a lot of time in your blog, making sure it fits your personal brand and style. And a big part of making it your own comes from what you call it and where it lives. Blogger has long let you host your blog on a custom domain, so that you can give it any URL you choose. To make that process even easier, starting today, we’re integrating Blogger directly with Google Domains, allowing you to purchase a custom domain for your blog right from Blogger with just a few clicks.

If your blog is itching for a new home, you can grab one via Google Domains by popping open Blogger and heading to the Publishing section of your blog’s Settings tab.

If you purchase a new domain from Google Domains, it’s also easy to create a new blog for that domain right there.

Interested in learning more about Google Domains? Read on.

Happy blogging!

Posted by Marc Ridey, Software Engineer
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Imagine if wolves evolved to where they could put a key in a lock and turn it..