Found out a window wasn't locked.

All the old locks were open. The guys that installed the new locks have placed no new lock on my bathroom window, old lock open. That's how they got in. I might have left it open myself, but this was definitely planned. The luxaflex prevented me from seeing that there was no lock.

Asked my sister if she ringed. Answer is no.

I don't think they were my parents.

I heard a child moving around the house, she was elated, shortly after i didn't open the bell.

I thought that they might intercept my internet traffic, but the answer must be no. She answered a short 'no', and leave me with it. It seems like she understands. On the other hand, the fact that I was mildly surprised is a warning sign. I don't think they're tapping. It's not what they're good at. It's deception, lying, gathering information, using the psychiatric system.

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