Role playing pen and paper

For beginning adventurers (level 0).

Work in progress.

Guardian on knight. Play him as extravert and theatrical
Leader of rogue group. Fast whispering

All rules are homebrewn and are introduced throughout the adventure, learnt through trial and error.

Players are advised to spend no more than five minutes on coming up with a name and short description of their pc.

Tell the players in the land the characters live in, people don’t have fixed names. Their names are given to them by the people around them and are usually based on characteristics of their appearance or past deeds.


The man who attempted to murder princess Brandine of Brismark has escaped. The Duke of Emerald Forest is calling for help. What do you do?

1. Go visit the Duke.

Tell: You have no idea how to get there. You roughly know the domain he presides over.

DM As of now, the players are not going to get anywhere near the Duke.

2. Inquire about the backstory


Tell: No one seems to know who this man is and why he attempted the murder. / The duke cheats on his fat wife. / The duke likes to hunt in the forests with an impressive band of horsemen.
Later that day you find yourself talking to a bunch of rough guys, wearing cloaks and daggers and having a lot of fun. After explaining to you how much they hate the aristocracy, because they are hypocrites, they ask you what you think of the Duke. The rest of the group suddenly falls silent and listens with stern looks.

2a. Immediately say that they don’t like the Duke.

2b. Get out the situation because it is too threatening

Pc’s save their asses.
2c. Anything else.

Intelligent pc’s, tell: It quickly becomes clear that the group doesn’t like you anymore.

Stupid pc’s, tell: It becomes clear that the band of rogues is trying to surround you. They casually hold their hands behind their backs or in front of them, they’re not holding weapons. What stance are you assuming and where are you moving?

Untitled drawing.png


The best the group can do here is escape. If they don’t escape one of them get a knife held under their chin. They are surrounded so no witnesses can see what is happening. Unless they accept the invitation to get lost, they will be killed.

The pc’s should have learned not to talk to multiple persons at once and not talk in unfavorable situations. If they have failed this lesson the lesson the next time they will die.

The group is too powerful and the players are met with a threat after the first successful attack, a knife under one of their throats. They are surrounded so no witnesses can see what is happening. Unless they accept the invitation to get lost, they will be killed.

If they survive, tell: the band of rogues retreats to one of the many nearby taverns, one of the more squalid ones, built half underground and somewhat sunken to one side over the ages. In the distance, a group of horsemen approaches, sounding a bell. Bystanders make way upon hearing the sound. Some of the horsemen are talking to pedestrians. You recognize this group as a patrol unit belonging to the authorities, tasked with maintaining order. One tall guy in plate armor smiles from his high place on his dark, energetic horse. ‘How are you today sir? Everything alright?’ (Sound: http://goo.gl/PT9eUF)


The players will be killed by the rogues if they talk to them all at once or in a bad situation.

a. Tell the band of rogues you dislike the Duke

Tell: Some of them seem to be willing to accept you within their midst after seizing you up, the general consensus is that you’ve proven yourself unworthy.

b. Prove your bravery by killing a bystander.

Tell: You’ve clearly earned their respect although the atmosphere is tense now. They still aren’t willing to accept you because they don’t believe you’re against the Duke.

c. Lie to them about some evil the Duke committed on you after the last meeting with the rogues.

This works if the lie is convincing enough.

d. Tell them honestly that you were for the Duke, but that they seem more interesting.

Tell: The band seems to be appreciating your honesty. One of the more talkative ones, a tall, extremely strong man, walks up to you. He seemed very jovial, almost theatrical, talking to his mates, but now he seems very serious: ‘What do you find interesting about us?’ / ‘What don’t you like about the Duke?’

The rogues will talk about their ideas on anarchy. If they think the pc’s understand the ideas, they’re accepted.

e. Notify the patrol.

f. Ask them their names.

Tell: ‘We don’t have names.’ ‘You mean, you have a name?’

z. Do anything else

Tell: nothing happens.

1. Offer up your services for free

The adventurers have to talk to the Duchess. If she likes them, they’ll get the job.

1a. Flatter her.

Flattering works well. They get the job is they flatter her about her hair. She is overweight. She has just gotten a haircut with horrible results. Her husband is taking an interest in younger women.

1b. Impress her.

The Duchess pretends to be interested but in reality she is only interested in herself. She quickly loses respect.

1c. Ask her questions.

She just rambles on and on. It will hold her interest but won’t be enough unless there is enough flattering involved. She will tell about her hair and husbands infidelity.

2. Offer up your services for a price
The price offered is 50 gold. The adventurers only get the job if they manage to get the price up to 500.

3. Inquire about the backstory

No one seems to know who this man is and why he attempted the murder.

Mission to find the man who attempted the murder.

The players can enter this mission
a. Being for the Duke and against the anarchists
b. Being against the Duke and for the anarchists
c. Being neutral towards the Duke and for the anarchists

(June 28, 2014)

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